Sleight (2017) Review


Summary: A young street magician is left to care for his little sister after their parents’ passing and turns to illegal activities to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets in too deep, his sister is kidnapped and he is forced to use his magic and brilliant mind to save her.
There might be mild spoilers ahead. 
Cast and Characters. There’s really only one character that this film truly follows. However, there are some supporting characters who are involved with the hero’s story and for the most part everyone is interesting enough for this film.
  • Jacob Latimore as Bo. I’m interested to see what else Jacob Latimore does, because so far I’m pretty impressed with him. His character Bashir “Bo” has taken up the mantle of being the parent in his household as his mother died a year before and there’s really no mention of their father. He has given up his future of an Engineering scholarship in order to support his sister. He performs magic tricks on the street and he also drug deals. He’s an interesting character because throughout this movie, he’s just trying to make things better for his sister but he’s not making good decisions in order to do that. Bo is a subdued character, he’s very mild mannered actually, he doesn’t raise his voice ever actually. He carries himself like he’s putting on a front, there’s a scene towards the end where he just breaks down and that was a beautiful moment. He’s trying so hard in the best ways he thinks he knows how. Jacob Latimore does a good job carrying this movie. He did a very good job with playing the various amounts of emotions this character goes through. The love of performing magic and pride he feels when he sees spectators enjoying his tricks. The emotions of feeling like he’s against the wall when he knows he wants to get out of the drug dealer but that life isn’t an easy one to leave. He definitely carries this film.
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Holly. She starts out as the love interest, as soon as he meets her, it’s easy to tell that he is attracted to her. As they get to know each other, they spend a lot of time together and we get to see their relationship grow on screen. I didn’t think it was forced or rushed. She was a good supporting person for Bo, she learned about his life, she cared for his sister whenever Bo had to go off with Angelo, she got invested. She was very loyal. It’s also learned that she has her own battles to face and when Bo discovers them, he tries to be there for her as well. In terms of them being there for each other it’s pretty even, as he offers support for her as well. It’s actually really cute. I thinks she’s fine, she could be replaced with any young actress to be honest, so I don’t think she stood out in terms of her acting but her character was a nice addition.
  • Dule Hill as Angelo. I’ve never seen him in anything but Holes. So anytime I see him I think “I can fix that” lol but this character was intimidating, he was charismatic in a scary way and and Dule Hill did a great job portraying that. He had this little “devil may care” smile going on that he flashed but that did not mean there was a good attitude on the other side of that smile. He was the supplier for Bo’s drugs and at first, he seems like a cool dude until he finds out about another dealer then it just takes a dark turn. He goes to threaten the dude, when the dude doesn’t agree to his conditions, he gets even more extreme, even forcing Bo to do the dirty work. He’s just a terrible scary person. I don’t want to spoil anything but the last 2/3s of the film he turns against Bo (for a reason) and he definitely puts the fear into Bo. Dule Hill was really good in his role, he was able to be larger than life and he was good every time he was on screen.
  • Supporting Characters. Storm Reid plays Tina Wolfe, Bo’s little sister and Sasheer Zamata plays Georgie, a neighbor and they’re both good in their roles as well. Storm Reid is adorable, she loves her older brother (she looks so unlike him that it is a bit jarring lol) but she does her job in loving him, worrying about him and idolizing him. Georgie is fine in that she’s an adult that they need in their lives, she helps out when he needs her, she is an adult voice in this world where Bo is out there on his own, she doesn’t want him to be a drug dealer, she even says that it’s not her place but she doesn’t want him to do this. It’s good for him to have an adult in his life who had a positive hand on his shoulder. Frank Clem as Dr. Granger shows up in the last act of the film as a last resort, Bo goes to him for help and he does his job.
The “Magic”. Okay, so the trailers says this is a mix between Iron Man and Chronicle and that’s not completely wrong. But if you go into this thinking there’s “magic” then that’s the wrong idea. Bo can do amazing things that he puts off as magic which is fine because a magician never reveals their secrets and he only does it twice, to Holly and Dr. Granger (and the audience). It’s pretty cool though. There’s a particular sound that is matched to his movements and abilities. There’s many things we see him do that are really cool, parlor tricks but once you learn how he has these powers it makes you look at it differently.
It’s Low Key/Quiet. This film is a bit chill, the tone is a relaxed one. It’s not over the top, the little bits of violence may be (but the only part that is they don’t show). This film lives and breathes by Jacob Latimore and the film takes it’s direction from him.
An Origin Story. I know these days people are like ugh origin stories but this one is so very different. It focuses solely on Bo and his story, and with the way it ended, it definitely leaves it open for a sequel. It would be interesting to see where Bo’s story goes from here, he created his abilities, what else could he do? I want to know.
Emotional Scene. There’s a scene at the end, it’s after the climax and the film is almost over, Bo handles some business and then gets into a car with Holly and Tina and he just breaks down crying. The girls look at him and they both hug him. I’m a contagious crier and I teared up, but I also felt that. He’s been playing parent for about a year and I assume he’s 19 years old. That’s a lot, to give up everything he had going for him to take care of his sister and in this moment, all of that, plus what he did that night all hit him. It was a great scene.
Anti-climatic. It feels like this movie isn’t really building up to anything. It’s just an experience that we’re going on which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but once the second half happens, it kind of amps up and there’s more happening and then the climax happens and while I was wondering if Bo was going to make a bad choice, the whole moment wasn’t necessarily filled with tension. At least not for me. I was expecting a bit more.
The “magic” Details. So it’s shown that Bo is very smart, probably borderline genius when it comes to Engineering. There are pictures of him getting an award, there are trophies, etc. There might be spoilers here, warning. There is something he did to give himself these powers and while he talks about it to Holly, kind of explains why he got into magic, he never actually states how he did this. It’s so interesting to me and while Dr. Granger kind of exposits a few big words of what he needs to do for more power, and they kind of talk about some of the details of what’s there, it’s explained or shown at HOW he did it and that bugged the crap out of me. I wanted to know. Especially with all of the things that start happening at the end, I felt like it needed to be explained.
No Consequences. So Bo does a lot of desperate things, or things out of fear but NOTHING happens to him. Well, maybe one thing that deals with the drug dealer but the other things he does, nothing really happens to him.
Overall, I really liked this film. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first trailer made me go “meh” and then I kept seeing trailers and I got more and more interested. I liked Jacob Latimore in Collateral Beauty, one of the few things I liked about that movie and he really stood on his own here. He led this movie in such a quiet and understated way. His character is very likable, he makes some terrible mistakes but you want to see him win. The power aspects of this film are really cool, I wish I could have learned how he did it, it’s definitely something I was curious about that I don’t think the movie delivered on explaining. It is a bit anti-climatic at the end, it didn’t need to be grand and it does fit the tone of the film but it feels like a slow burn that didn’t lead up to where it could have. The end did seem to hint at a possible sequel which I am interested in seeing. I can’t wait to see what might happen next.
Rating: 3.80 out of 5 stars.
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P.S. While I watching this film, I couldn’t help but to think about Jacob Latimore pulling off a pretty good Virgil Hawkins AKA Static Shock. I think it’s important that Virgil is brown skinned, this character reminded me of him, just add a bit more goofiness to him and he was Virgil. I would support that.

The Promise (2017) Review


Summary: Set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire, The Promise follows a love triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, the beautiful and sophisticated Ana, and Chris – a renowned American journalist based in Paris.
**This film is kind of hard to talk about but I will do my best.
The Cast and characters. We meet quite a few people but I’m going to stick to mentioning the three leads.
  • Oscar Isaac as Mikael Boghosian. He is the stand out, hands down. I love Oscar Isaac and I wonder if this was a pet project because I think he’s way to good for it. Mikael is an apothecary in his hometown, he goes to a city to be a medical student and he meets a few friends. He’s staying with his uncle and he meets Ana and immediately he’s smitten with her. WWI begins and he tries to avoid being drafted by getting a “medical student” exemption with the help of his friend. But that doesn’t last and he is sent to a prison labor camp. He manages to escape and finds his way back home. It seems like life has gotten together but the war has found him. So without going into more detail about the story, I think the amount of emotions Oscar Isaac puts into this character is fantastic. He starts off as this hopeful young man, who falls in love and we see him fall and it’s all downhill from there. Oscar Isaac has this magnetism that makes him stand out in anything he’s in. He’s charismatic and sympathetic and when he in emotional moments, man. He’s just so good. Again, I think he’s too good for the film.
  • Charlotte Le Bon as Ana Khesarian. She’s an Armenian woman who was raised in Paris. We first meet her at Mikael’s uncle’s house, she’s teaching his cousins how to dance. She is pretty, exotic in that she’s traveled outside of their home, she’s strong and is happy to claim her Armenian roots. She is strong and tries very hard to help those in need. However, it does feel at times that she is just there to be part of the triangle, or to be the object of Mikael’s eye. I think the actress is great but the character doesn’t remain that interesting. It comes and goes.
  • Christian Bale as Chris Myers. Christian Bale is always good I think, he’s an American reporter who is in Turkey writing articles about what’s happening. When the war kicks off, he gets involved and he tries chronicle the events, he even gets involved with trying to help orphans escape. He’s dating Ana. He also seems to have a few issues of his own in the beginning. He’s an interesting character, at first they make him come off as a “villain” but that goes away. I think Bale is good here, he’s kind of a low key character, they all are actually. Chris comes off as a brash, drunk American but as the film progresses, we see a smart man who tries to help those fleeing while trying to tell their story and stay alive himself. I almost thought he would be a bad guy in the love triangle but I didn’t think that happened.
Supporting Characters. There are a lot of supporting characters but we only get to see his parents, another woman, his uncle and family and his friend Emre who is also a medical student. They are all good, his mother though, Shohreh Aghdashloo is really good. She isn’t huge in the film but the parts she’s in, she’s fantastic.
The Look of the Film. This film looks really good. The costumes are nice, and while it’s in positive mode it feels happy. But when the tone shift and goes dark, the look of the film starts to shift with the tone which I think is cool. The story gets really heavy and it does not shy away from that, everything is crisp, it’s seen and I think that’s a plus for the type of film it is.
The Story. This is based on the true story of Turkey’s attempt to wipe out Armenians. Now, there’s been controversy surrounding it because that time period has been ignored and Turkey doesn’t claim their involvement but it’s so sad. It starts off by going in a different direction, we follow Mikael who wants to be a medical student, he falls in love with a woman who is with another man, then a war begins and he is thrust into it. It just takes off from there, and it’s emotional. I don’t want to spoil anything, but we see death, we see people who are fleeing for their lives, we see children be casualties of war and genocide and we see people try to fight back. It’s intense.
The Music. Gabriel Yared manages to make a score that is so sad. Due to the nature of the film, the music has to match that, especially as the tone completely changes after the first part of the film and I think he manages to add to the story. There are emotional scenes, that while sad, the music helps put it over the top. I didn’t cry, but I did do that thing where I covered my mouth because it was shocking and the music helped my senses.
The Romance. This will show up again later, but on one end, it’s kind of cute and you totally see it coming. The end has an emotional moment that ties in with the romance that’s a plus.
Wasted Potential. There is a lot of wasted potential in this film. I know it’s based on true events, whether or not the people are real, I’m not sure, but I think there are parts that are way more interesting than others. The movie feels overblown because it wants to tackle everything that happens, when there are smaller storylines that were way more interesting. I think the film should have been told completely through Mikael’s eyes, it should have never strayed from him, that way it would feel more focused and we would be able to understand what’s happening through his eyes. It would be more contained and probably not be as “boring”.
The Love Triangle. So there is a love triangle in this film and it’s a focal point for the characters and I didn’t really care about it. For one thing, I don’t really like love triangles anyway, they’re so annoying. But I mean it understood it but I don’t think it added anything. It’s like those epic movies Titanic, Pearl Harbor where it’s based on true events but the characters have some type of love triangle thing going on and I don’t think it really adds anything to the story, especially from 1/3 of the triangle.
Boring. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie overall, but it’s boring. There are moments when it just lags, the pacing is out of whack a lot here. There are parts where there’s a lot going on, it’s so fast paced then it slows sooo down and I’m like “and now it’s gotten boring”.
Too Long. 2 hours and 13 minutes long, probably 20 minutes too long, I think 20 minutes  can do a lot. It just feels like it keeps going and going and going. A lot of that has to do with the fact that the pacing is weird, if they would have filled those moments in with something else, then maybe I wouldn’t have felt the length of the film.
Overall, I like this movie. I think it has a good cast, Oscar Isaac especially is a standout, he’s almost too good for the film. The film has a lovely look, the music adds ambience to the film while also being a support in the emotional moments. The story is very real and raw even with possible inadequacies. However, this film has a lot of wasted potential, while it is an “epic” it tries to hard to tell a story that might have been too big for this film, at least in the way it’s told. It’s very advantageous to tell a horrifying story like the genocide of the Armenians in Turkey but it just falls on it’s side in the story telling.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) Review


Summary: Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy – whether he likes it or not.
This film premieres May 12, 2017. There might be minor spoilers… considering what you consider a spoiler.
Cast and Characters. There are a lot of them actually, but I’m only going to mention a few.
  • Charlie Hunnam as Arthur. He grows up in a small village, his parents are killed before his eyes and he ends up growing up in a brothel. He ends up “running” the Brothel, not like a pimp but he seems like he’s the head of the house or something. He’s brash, he’s funny, he’s violent and seems to be someone who really gets into trouble. He does not scream “hero” and when he accidentally gets caught and gets sent to pull the sword from the stone, he does. His reaction to it was pretty great. He ends up meeting his uncle and it goes from there. Arthur doesn’t start off as an inspiring person but he has to grow into that and it takes a while, at least to get the “king” idea. But even then, Hunnam’s approach is different. I think Charlie is good in his role here, he’s likable, he’s funny and I have to say that he manages to stand out to the point where he doesn’t fade into the background and no one pushes him in the background.
  • Jude Law as Vortigern. He’s basically the Scar of the film, he’s jealous of his brother who is King, who has Excalibur. He makes choices in order to put himself in the role of king. He’s not really in the movie so much in that we get to send a lot of him to really get to know him. He’s a jealous dude, he’s power hungry and he’s desperate. I think Jude Law did so well with what he was given as this villain. When he’s on screen, you can’t help but to look at him, to see what expressions he would make. There are two emotional moments with him, they mirror each other but his reactions to them were fantastic.
  • Secondary Characters. There are a lot of secondary characters. No one really on Jude Law’s side really pulls focus outside of one henchmen but only because I recognized him from Kingsman. The actors mentioned below were great in their roles, they were funny, they had great chemistry with each other, there was some emotional moments.
    • Aidan Gillen as Bill. I love archers and he’s awesome.
    • Djimon Hounsou. He’s very magnetic, funny and I like his friendship with Bill.
    • Kingsley Ben-Adair as Wet-Stick. He’s one of Arthur’s friends, great chemistry in their trio, he’s funny, charismatic and I like his involvement.
    • Neil Maskell as Back Lack. He’s really funny, but it’s not over the top. He reminds me of Ricky Gervais physically. His relationship with Wet-Stick, Arthur was hilarious, he was loyal. He also has a great relationship with his son… it’s intense.
The Music. Daniel Pemberton does the music here and I think it’s great. It’s engaging, it fits the film, especially with how the film is handled. There’s some songs that are during fight scenes that has this breathy “he he” thing, oh man it was so cool. I think it was towards the end of the film. I enjoyed some of the overblown fight scenes because of the music. But the swells they had during scenes with no dialogue also helped.
The Humor. Surprisingly it’s funny. Charlie Hunnam should do movies like this movie often where he keeps his accent (I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy but I don’t think his American accent is very good), does action movies, where his character is surly and humorous. Arthur is funny and his interactions with other characters, especially his two friends was great. The other characters also have some great comedic moments.
The Action. So I don’t think there’s a LOT of action but the action we have is fun, it’s big, it’s fun and the way it’s shot, makes it look like a video game (this will also be in the cons). There’s a great scene in the last act of the film, where Arthur squares off with a villain (no spoilers) and it’s awesome. I quite enjoyed myself. There’s also some great chase scenes, some smaller contained fight scenes in alleyways of the village. It’s big and fun.
The Cinematography. I think it looked very nice. The film has this… kind of grey look to it. Like a gloss but it looks crisp and like everything is permanently being filmed near the sea. It’s pretty beautiful.
The Direction. I think Guy Ritchie definitely has a style, mostly when it comes to filming action (He’s directing the live action Aladdin film). If you watch his Sherlock Holmes films with RDJ, the way he shoots certain things, he has his niche. But anyway, he kind of has this thing where he slows things down, and does a camera spin around the action. There’s not really shaky cam but he does a slow motion spinning camera, especially in the last big fight. It’s pretty cool. There’s also a scene in the middle, where they’re running, being chased and it’s like the characters are holding the camera, it’s hilarious. I can see where it would be annoying for some viewers but I got a kick out of it.
The Possibilities. I actually think there were many other ways to go with this story and this film. King Arthur is a myth and it’s some great stories, BUT I think this film had many ways it could have gone. I will talk about this more, but I feel like it needed to be a pro because of the potential.
The mage. So there’s this girl, played by Astrid Berges- Frisbey and I think she was miscast. I was so annoyed by her. She kept this same look on her face, she talked through her teeth, her lips stayed pursed like she was sucking on a lemon. Her involvement felt forced. Arthur and Merlin are normally a packaged deal so there needs to be some magical elemental person there… but she just wasn’t it. If it’s this character, then different actress. She should have been cool but she just wasn’t. I would have preferred Merlin (I want Elliot Knight to play Merlin since OUAT dropped the ball with killing him on that show).
The Villain. I think it’s important to note that Jude Law was great in his role and he did what he could, BUT I don’t think he was that interesting a villain. He should have been though. His motivations are clear but getting to know him as a man, especially considering how long the movie is, we’re not supposed to root for him but I can’t say he was memorable. I literally only remember two scenes he was in and it’s because they were emotional and Law ate those up. But outside of that, so forgettable.
Bit Convoluted. There’s a lot going on here. It almost could set up a franchise in that they could continue the story considering how many parts of King Arthur there are. However, there’s a lot being set up, you have the legend of the sword, you have the background with the mages and magic, there is setting up Arthur’s awesomeness, of the knights, I even feel like there was a little bit of Robin Hood-esque stuff in there… there’s just so much that I think it gets unfocused.
The Possibilities. Like I said before, there were so many ways to go with this story and I think it was a nice way to go about it, with the origin story. I can’t think of a King Arthur story that is an origin story outside of Disney’s Sword in the Stone, especially where he’s kind of a jerk… HOWEVER, I think there were a lot of missed opportunities. I think going the origin story, reminded me of Simba’s story in The Lion King among many others and I think they could have shaken it up.
Too Long. It’s 2 hours and 6 minutes and it’s just too long. A lot of those minutes feels like lagging space, blank space and it just dragged on. It could have been a good 20 minutes shorter especially without those moments being filled with good stuff.
The Magic Stuff. So like with the mage, there needs to be some type of magical element considering how he’s chosen to be King. But I don’t know if Guy Ritchie knows how to handle it without it being underwhelming. This film requires a lot of mythos and mysticalness but I don’t think it was handled well. It should be interesting and it wasn’t. It wasn’t explained or shown the way it should have been.
 The Direction. This is here because I think a lot of people may not like how the action is shot. I mentioned the camera shots of them running with the camera in their faces, that may be annoying. It may come off as shaky cam which is annoying so that would be a hit. I also think with how the fight scenes are shot, mostly the bigger ones, it looks like obvious CGI. I even went “Well hello there CGI” because it’s so obvious. Remember the million Smiths vs Neo scene in Matrix Reloaded? Yep, a little better but yep.
Overall, I liked this movie, I was actually surprised at how fun it is. There are some good characters and I think the actors are fine, I mean no one really “owns” their role, except Jude Law, but they do their thing. I think the action is cool, the way it’s shot and the cinematography is really cool. The music is energetic and helps the action. On the other hand, I think it’s 20 minutes too long, there are some empty spaces that lag, it’s a bit convoluted and the directional choices may annoy some of the viewers. But overall, it’s really fun.
Rating: 3.36 out of 5 stars.
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword premieres May 12, 2017.
Let me know when you see it, tell me your thoughts below. Do you agree? Disagree?
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The Fate of the Furious (2017) Review


Summary: When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of terrorism and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.
This is late but enjoy the review!
Cast and Characters. These characters are beloved and have been for years. I’m not going to talk about all of them because they are mostly the same as they always are, but I’m going to talk about the ones who stood out the most to me.
  • Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto. Of course we know and love Dom, he is a former criminal and professional street racer who has retired and settled down with his wife. He even starts the film off helping a family member, you know family, but he is quickly introduced to Cipher and forced to work against his team. Throughout the film, we see him play a villain and it’s just so confusing in the beginning because you demand to know why when Dom is obviously a family man. But as the film continues, we learn why he’s doing this. Vin Diesel isn’t the best of actors but he’s great in this role, if he’s not Riddick, he IS Dominic Toretto. He is silent, intimidating when he has to be but also a giant cuddly giant when he’s with Letty. He is under control (or at least tries to be) and always doing something ridiculous with his car and Diesel is great at it.
  • Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs. Thank goodness for him in this film because he’s been great since he joined the franchise. He actually has a Maui like scene and it was so cute but also only in there because he was in Moana. He is a DSS agent who has been allied with Dom and the team. He ends up in jail after a job goes south where he has great lines, great action scenes and great interactions with Shaw. He almost takes over Dom’s place with him being gone, in being the leader, I mean, he’s different from the character of Dom but he serves as the surrogate leader while Dom is on the bad side.
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Letty. Dom’s wife and a former professional street racer. I love her. She is a ride or die chick and I think she is a great partner for Dom, she deals with a lot here due to his betrayal. She doesn’t want to believe that he’s against them, with a ll his talk of family, she doesn’t want to believe that he’ll turn his back on them and she keeps fighting for that. She’s strong and Michelle Rodriguez plays that so well.
  • Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw. He’s a rogue special forces assassin imprisoned by Hobbs and the DSS after his defeat in Los Angeles, who serves as an ally to help Dom’s team take down Cipher. He is hilarious. I never really seen much of his films but he’s a great addition to these, his banter with Hobbs alone made a lot of the quiet moments for me. His physical abilities are also quite impressive. He has a great scene on an airplane… You’re welcome.
The Villain. Charlize Theron plays Cipher, she is a Hacker who has managed to get something on Dom in order for him to work for her. I love Charlize Theron, she is a great actress and boy can she play a villain so well. Her look was great and I wanted to punch her in the face, so mission accomplished. I will talk a bit more about her later but overall, as a character, she was so… mean and ruthless and sometimes the faces she would make. It actually felt like she was way to good for this film lol.
 The Action/Car Awesomeness. These movies are never short on action and the things they do. I don’t think they topped the whole airplane thing and the tower jump in Furious 7. There are some great scenes though, where the others confront Dom, when they’re driving on the ice later in the film. It’s still great watching the things they are able to make cars do.
The Humor. Like always most of the humor comes down to Roman and Tej, which it’s still there and I love the relationship and banter they have. Tyrese and Ludacris have really good chemistry. But Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have some good lines in the film as well. I thought the humor was well done for the most part, there were a few times when it got a little annoying, or Tyrese was being a bit dramatic but since that’s his character it didn’t bother me too much.
The Reason. Of course the trailers make you go “TELL ME NOW!” and when you finally find out what it is, at first it’s lame but then it’s like ohhhh wow. Okay, that’s legit and it ends up being something cute later on.
The Reason. I think it’s kind of interesting because the timing doesn’t really add up to me in my mind. I mean, not for how “the reason” looks in this film. But ya know I don’t think continuity is that important to these films but that’s a big glaring one to me.
It’s Ridiculous. As they always are, sometimes it gets a bit too ridiculous that it makes a viewer roll their eyes. Also where you go ‘that doesn’t make sense’, sometimes the stuff that Dom and Hobbs do is so impossible for a human person to do… I mean, I think there’s an underlying answer… they’re mutants.
The Villain’s Reasons. So I like Cipher, she was cool but I don’t think I have any idea what she was trying to do. I mean, I get it, she’s upset etc. etc. but when she monologues, I was really trying to understand but I don’t think it really made complete sense. Reasons why she was using Dom made more sense than what she actually wanted to do.
Overall, I love these movies, they’re fun and ridiculous and you can really just get into it for the action and characters alone. I think that’s what makes these so great is the characters and the action. I still think it’s funny how the tone of the films changed, but I think they changed for the better. There is still some outrageous things that happen in the films, that hardly make sense and Cipher’s overall reasons were sketchy at best. But as always Fate of the Furious was super fun.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen The Fate of the Furious? If so, let me know your thoughts down below. Do you like these films? Which one is your favorite? Which one is the best?
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I’m Back!


Hello everyone.
It’s been a little while since I’ve consistently posted anything. The last thing I think was my Lunar Chronicles Fan Casting.
I have been making it through the last few months of my first year of graduate school. I have completed one of my classes, and I have one more class next Tuesday but I’ve been sooo busy and soo tired that all of my brain power has gone to reading, writing for classes and doing projects.
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Power Rangers (2017) Review


Summary: A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.
**There may be mild spoilers ahead but I’m going to try not too. Most of the stuff might be pulled from the show or seen in the trailers.
Cast and Characters. Of course this film is riding on the five main teenagers, their chemistry with each other, their acting, how they are as these iconic characters and of course them being Rangers. I think they all do a good job in their roles. I can definitely see hints of the original characters in them but they are updated for this time period, and all given character traits that a bit more realistic, not so cheesy and 90s lol. They are different but the nostalgia factor is there.
  • Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger. His name is JASON LEE SCOTT! YOU GOT THAT MOVIE!? Anyway, he starts off as a football player, perhaps even the “golden boy” who pulls a prank and goes a bit too far and lands himself in detention. He’s the Andrew of this Breakfast Club. He is struggling with who he is, where he belongs and what his place is in the world. Obviously as the Red Ranger he is meant to be the leader, but he doesn’t start out that way. He has to figure it out and that’s quite compelling for his character. He has to learn his team and learn himself along the way. I think Dacre Montgomery is very handsome but there was something about him that I wasn’t sure I believed. It was inconsistent. There were times where I felt his acting was subpar and he was overshadowed by the others, and times where he did really well. He’s Australian and he does a good job at hiding that.
  • Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart/Pink Ranger. *Ahem* Kimberly Ann Hart thank you very much (and Claire of the Breakfast Club). She starts off as a mean girl, and we don’t really get to know why that is until later, she hides it which was nice for her. Kim maintained this mysterious air about her in the film at least until she lets it go. I don’t think she necessarily came off as mean but it definitely seemed like a suit of armor she wore otherwise, she is also trying to find out who she is. She wants to move forward, doesn’t know how and feels stuck in Angel Grove. Naomi Scott is so beautiful and she hides her British accent well. I think she played Kimberly well, a girl who needs to find out who she is, someone who is struggling with her past “mean girl” actions and wanting to be part of the team.
  • R.J. Cyler as Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger. He is the smart one of course lol (he’s the Brian of the Breakfast Club), he is also Austistc, which I thought was a nice and interesting addition to his character. He is actually pretty funny too, some of the faces he makes when faced with decisions. However, I think he is the most honest, and probably the most endearing out of all of them. That is evident by a particular scene in the middle of the film. The way he talks about being friends with the others, or how he feels about his father and his mother, it was all handled so well. He was probably my favorite in the film. I’ve seen R.J in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and he was the best thing about that film and he stands out again in this one. It’s easy to tell that he grapples with being strong and confident (though I think he comes off more confident than the original Billy at first), he talks to much but he’s caring and sweet. Definitely my favorite.
  • Becky G as Trini/ Yellow Ranger. Definitely mysterious (also not so much Allison from Breakfast Club but pretty muchand she comes off cold for a majority of the film. She doesn’t warm up to everyone quickly. Kimberly tries and it takes a while, which I liked. They weren’t automatically friends like how every two girl rangers are in each season. She is quiet, reluctant and sassy when she speaks. It’s easy to tell that she doesn’t have friends, and that she may not really fit in anywhere and while she may not be searching, she does want it. She’s strong and headstrong. Being Becky G’s first film, I don’t think it really shows. She doesn’t come off like she’s been doing it for a long time but it doesn’t feel like she’s acting. I was impressed. I also feel she’s the furthest from her TV show counterpart.
  • Ludi Lin as Zack Taylor/Black Ranger. I quite liked him. He has a big personality, impulsive, sassy and says and does whatever he wants. After Billy finds a power coin, Zack makes it his business to get the others out, it’s kind of funny actually. The way he approaches everyone and everything is like a slacker who doesn’t care would, but of course he has personal things that totally shows he’s not always like that. Just like some of the others, he’s also trying to figure things out, and this adventure could help that. I liked Ludi Lin, I wouldn’t really buy that he’s a high school student though, the actor is almost 30 and he looks more like he’s a college student. It’s fine though, (he’s the Bender of the Breakfast Club). His Zack could be really annoying and probably kind of douchey, but I think he manages to stay away from that and keep him likable.
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon. He is the mentor of the rangers. He is in the morphin grid in order to remain alive. Zordon lived years ago and he’s a bit grouchy about how things are going with the new rangers. It’s actually a bit of a departure from his personality in the show. He has to do his own learning in the film as well, he doesn’t have all the answers. It’s pretty great to have Bryan Cranston because he’s a great actor regardless. I liked how
    • I also liked his design. Instead of being in a tube, he’s able to move around the entire ship wall and his face is easier to see a bit more… emotional.
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. I was curious how this was going to go considering the show version of her. I liked it though. There’s a bit more backstory for her character, and she’s creepy. The voice Banks puts on fits well with the time period she comes from and what she was. I liked how she stalked into rooms, the scene where she attacks Trini was a great scene. She was imposing but sexy. It was almost weird because when you think Rita Repulsa, you think of the pointy boob dress, the weird hair and the voice. All of that is gone but it’s good.
    • I liked her costume too. So, unless you were just not paying attention, Rita has the Green Power coin, and she has a demented green ranger uniform. Which means Evil Green sequel.
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5. So I liked him lol. He’s a robot who can transform his body for certain purposes. He was able to move around quickly and he definitely had a dry sense of humor. Thanks Bill Hader. I liked that he didn’t sound like a child, and that while he’s Zordon’s assistant, he also has a bit of a backbone.
    • I will admit, his design was a bit weird when I first saw it, but seeing it in action, I thought it was cool. Yeah, his little pot belly is weird and his little lights look like headlights but for the way he moved around and did things, it worked well enough for me. I just hope that if they continue with these films and come up to Alpha 6 they should alter his design a bit and don’t ever ever do that stupid voice they did in the show.
The Power Ranger Suits. I know these received a lot of flak but I quite liked them. I liked them from the first time they released the in suit photos. I liked that they actually look like armor and look like they can actually protect the people inside them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original show and their iconic costumes but these are new, fresh and practical. I liked how their vizors could open, I’m sure they did it so we can see that the actors are actually in their suits (they’re not CGI suits, they actually wear them. I think some of the lights and the purple diamond on the chest is CGI) but I thought it was cool. We can see how scared they are, or that they’re in pain etc. It kept us close to them. I also loved how they were able to morph, though I do have some questions about it that I will talk about in my spoiler review.
The Action. So, we see training happening, it’s kind of montagey but not Rocky montagey.  When they’re in their suits its awesome and fun! I liked the idea that they had powers outside of the suits and that it seemed that the suits themselves just protected them while fighting and helped them connect to their Zords. The scene you see in the trailer of them landing on the rock and Billy doing that awesome three kick thing, yeah it’s good. I appreciate that you can actually see the action.
The Zords. Soooo, I again liked the design when they were first shown. I think they’re pretty awesome. I liked that they looked like they could actually fight and do cool things. Watching Trini wreck stuff in that Saber Toothed Tiger and seeing Kimberly flying around in her Pterodactyl I thought was very cool. I liked them all, they weren’t clunky and obvious miniatures.
The Megazord. So, I did not have a problem with the design. I thought it was pretty sleek looking and made sense to be a fighting machine, compared to the gigantic lego man. I liked the fact that when they come together, instead of being in a control room together, they each are in their own pods where they actually have to move a part of the megazord where it really forces them to listen and work together. I thought that was a great addition.
The Friendship. So in the show, the main five started off as friends, or at least they knew each other well enough. They weren’t really strangers to each other. In the film, they all went to the same school and knew OF each other but they weren’t friends. It had to be grown and I liked that they had to work at it, to learn how to trust each other and be a team. It wasn’t already there. Sure, that helps bypass a lot of “origins” stuff but since we’re getting to know many people at once, I liked the fact that they tried to take out time to make sure we knew them and they knew each other. Someone definitely loved The Breakfast Club though because there was a lot of moments that happened that were similar to parts in the film. The scene in particular where they sit around and talk in that circle… most notably inspired.
New Additions/Improvements: I will go more into it in my spoiler review, but there were a few story elements added that I thought were really helpful to the story and the tone of the film. There were a couple of choices they made that I thought helped improve how the story moves forward compared to the show. Don’t get me wrong lol, it’s still a little ridiculous but they handled the additions and different elements well. Just as an example, there’s a different backstory given to Zordon in the film that as far as I know is very different from the show and same with certain elements to the Rangers’ backstory.
Weird Camera Movements. I think a lot of my problems were mostly technical stuff. But this bothered me mostly in the first act of the film. There’s a moment where a character gets into a car accident and the camera is in the car with him and it’s spinning all around and what not. I can see why it would look cool but I think it would have been better to see the truck flip over like it did and then fade into the next scene without us seeing the inside. It also just didn’t look good. There was another time when a character is riding a bicycle and for some reason the camera was looking at the road… why? We don’t need to see the terrain he’s riding over. Just let us see him ride the bike lol. There was also some shaky cam at the beginning too which I hate, especially during action scenes.
The Dark Tone. So while I enjoyed the film, I do think it loses the fun that the show had. I’m glad it’s not campy and cheesy, it didn’t need to be but I do think that the fun aspect of the show, the bright nature is lost in the need to be more realistic and mature. I like a lot of the changes and additions but it’s sad to lose the fun and light.
The Megazord Design. So it’s here too, because while I liked it overall, I do think there should have been more color. I’m glad it wasn’t clunky looking, but I think there should have been more. Maybe where the Pterodactyl is, it should have looked more pink and the whole chest part should be red, that bleeds into the yellow.
Krispy Kreme. I wonder how much money they paid to be in the film because they’re brought a lot. Product placement boy! lol of course what Rita was looking for had to be there. There’s a funny scene with her in there but after that, moving on please.
Felt Rushed. The film is 2 hrs and 4 minutes long and I appreciate the time spent on certain character points, but I also felt like it was really quick. It’s kind of weird to be honest, while I liked their friendship and how it grew, it also felt in the beginning that certain relationships formed really fast. There was a lot of tension though, which helped slow it down. It seemed like someone made some weird choices in the beginning but someone else came in and tried to fix them later in the movie lol.
Extremely Cheesy/Extreme Bullies. Now, I know this is based off an extremely cheesy show, but the tone to this is different. It has similar elements of the show but the tone is different and I thought the bullies were super extreme in the way they acted. One of the bullies tries to literally break a character’s wrist and head butt him and the girls cut a character out of their lives… literally. lol that was some Mean Girls extreme stuff lol.
Overall, I really enjoyed and liked Power Rangers. I think it manages to pull away from the iconic show, but not in a way where it seems like it’s embarrassed to even be linked to the show. I mean without the show, this movie probably wouldn’t exist. The characters are relatable and we are able to really connect with them, and we can see that they are not perfect beings. They are young people trying to find their way in the world, and figure out who they are. I liked the chemistry within the group, they fit together once they got together. R.J. Cyler definitely being a standout in the film. The suits were cool and original and were realistic for what they were doing. I liked a lot of the changes and additions made to the story and background of this universe. The designs of a lot of things was different and interesting. The action was cool and easy to see what was going on. On the other hand, there are some weird directional choices, especially in the beginning of the film, it felt like certain storyline aspects and were a bit rushed when they didn’t need to be. While I liked the Megazord for the most part, I do wish they added a bit more color to the design. It’s also unfortunate that the light and fun tone the show had seemed to be traded out for a more realistic and mature approach. I think there could have been a healthy balance.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen Power Rangers? Are you even interested?
What is your favorite Power Ranger season and who is your all time favorite Ranger? (So far, mine is Mighty Morphin, Zeo and Lost in Space with Tommy, Billy, Kimberly, Adam, Tanya and Carlos being my faves. I really like the original MMPR cast period).
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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review


This was my most anticipated film of the year. I was so excited. I saw it twice and I loved it both times. Whatever I say here, unless I blatantly state as such, is not knocking the original animated film, nor am I detracting from it or anything like that. This review is for this film only. Due to it being a remake, I may say something about the source material but as comparison if anything.
Summary: An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.
Cast and Characters. There are a lot of characters in this film but they were all so great that I have to talk about them. Some will probably get more detail than others, but just bear with me.
  • Emma Watson as Belle. I loved this casting when it was announced. I think she was prefect for the role, she embodied Belle’s intelligence, her spunky attitude (plus a bit more depth), her beauty and her love for those and the things she loved. I saw a lot of criticism before the film came out about Emma not being graceful enough for Belle and I think that’s just silly. In this film, Belle is a farm girl and she gets her hands dirty, she even makes her own washing machine. She’s beautiful yes, she’s whimsical yes, but she also takes charge and does her thing. When she goes to save her father, she drops everything and goes. I loved it. I loved how she stood up to Gaston, she didn’t stroke his ego, she just said no. Her love for books was evident, it wasn’t just holding one, she really loved them. I wonder if some of these aspects came easy to Emma being that she played Hermione Granger (who in some ways is very similar to Belle) and is very similar to Belle herself. When it came time for her to be graceful, she could. The dance was beautiful and she took charge there as well. I liked her quite a bit. She handled her emotional moments very well, and she had control of her eyebrows lol, sometimes Emma Watson does the eyebrow dance and it was under control here lol.
  • Dan Stevens as The Beast/The Prince. 
    • We see him as the Prince in the beginning, the douchebag Prince. It was quite entertaining to see that, I’m glad they did that, also by showing us that he was an adult when he was cursed. I know his age is still in question from the animated film** but he’s obviously well aware of his actions here.
    • The Beast: We spend the most time with him in his form and he was so sassy. I grinned like an idiot during a lot of his dialogue (I’ll talk about his appearence later). He was mean and he was course and unrefined. His shock at Belle wanting to take her father’s place I thought was well done, as his experience with fathers wasn’t good. He’s really only mean in the beginning and I thought Dan Stevens did a great job in portraying that, even if his expressions were CGI’ed, his eyes were a great catalyst for his acting. Some of the nuisances he would do, like his expressions or his movements were great additions to the character. He also had great chemistry with Emma Watson both as a Beast and a man later.
  • Luke Evans as Gaston. I like Gaston because he’s a villain in the animated film, but I do NOT like him as a character because he’s terrible. However, I actually liked him in this film. Luke Evans was so charismatic that he was more on the thin line of being a villain more than giving off that impression the entire time. I think it helped that he wasn’t a gigantic muscular dude. His humor was on point, his facial expressions when he’s admiring himself, when Belle turns him down, when he gets angry but is calmed down by LeFou, it was on point. I quite enjoyed him. Plus, I don’t think I ever disliked Luke Evans in a film. It’s easy to see that he enjoyed playing this part. When he did go into full villain mode, he was a scary dude. His demeanor changed and that makes for a scary villain.
Supporting Characters. Oh man. I’m going to go through them as quickly as I can.
  • Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. I think he was my favorite. I read about Ewan McGregor being worried about the accent, I’m not French but I thought it sounded fine. At least for the type of film and character. I liked that he was a little man who could make his form look like a candelabra, it helped him move differently and quickly. His take charge and almost busy body attitude makes him the orchestrator for a lot of things. Lumiere was also the source of a lot of humor in the castle. He’s so romantic and carefree it’s hard to dislike his character. His mocking impressions were great. The emotion at the end… *sniffs*
  • Sir Ian McKellan as Cogsworth. He was great. He’s the head of the household but he’s totally afraid of The Beast. It’s hilarious see him to talk about him to the others but when he thinks he’s around, how scared he gets. McKellan has a great voice and at first it might be odd but it fit the character.  He also had some dry humor going on which I love.
  • Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts. She’s amazing. Her Mrs. Potts is the same in her motherly attitude towards everyone but don’t make her mad, she will put you in your place. I loved it. The voice Thompson put on for her showed that she was mostly likely a village woman and obviously a servant. I loved her relationship with Chip and how she was the one who tried to guide the others.
  • Kevin Kline as Maurice. He was great, definitely can see in a way where Belle gets her “oddities” and headstrong personality from. Kevin Kline is great in this role. He is an active father and will do anything for his daughter.
  • Josh Gad as LeFou. He’s very different from his animated counter part, which was fine with me, all that controversy for this character didn’t bother me. He’s funny, he didn’t overdo it which I think he can do a lot. The little nuances he did for this character was great and cute.
  • Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe. A renowned opera singer who gets turned into a wardrobe. I bet Audra McDonald had fun in the recording studio for her character, she sings more than she actually talks and she’s hilarious. Being that as the petals fall they become less and less human, she has a hard time staying awake. It’s great. Also, Audra McDonald is a QUEEN. Her voice!
  • Gugu Mbtha-Raw as Plumette. Also has a French accent, I think it’s really just her and Lumiere which was fine. She was flirty, sassy and romantic. I also loved her reveal at the end, it was so cute.
  • Nathan Mack as Chip. Aww so cute! He definitely seemed a bit older than his animated counterpart, but he was cheeky and used his saucer as a skateboard, which like Lumiere, helped him move around quicker.
  • Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza. I love Stanley Tucci, he’s a chameleon. He was a cool character, we don’t see tons from him but a talking piano, that’s awesome. He has some great scenes at the end with the mob.
The Costumes. Jacqueline Durran’s costumes are to die for! The attention to detail on them just blew my mind as I watched the film. I liked the little pockets on Belle’s apron, I liked the detail on the inside of her cloak. The red/pink dress she wears during the “Something There” was so beautiful. I know a lot of people didn’t like her dress but I loved it from the first time I saw it. It pays homage to the original dress but it puts it’s own spin on it. I’m not a big ruffle person but the way the dress moved, it worked. I read it took 12,000+ hours to make that dress. It was beautiful on Emma Watson. The Beast wears this tattered cloak and it’s so haunting and scary, it shows that he is still in his angry and pity mindset. Later, he wears this long blue cloak and OMG I wanted that thing. His suit during the dance was also beautiful and the suit at the end. The attention to detail on the clothes. Gaston’s red coat in his iconic “Gaston” scene was also beautifully made, I want that too. All of the clothes, all of the nods to the French fashion was there.
The Relationships. This is going to be broken down a bit.
  • Belle and the Beast. Of course this is the most important one and I thought they handled it well. They added a bit more for them to do, more conversations and interactions. We can see the influence she has on him. The looks they give each other, it’s really cute. I thought Emma and Dan had great chemistry, even with the CGI Beast lol. The ending is also really cute.
  • Belle and Gaston. He was definitely persistent and it was funny. However, I liked the fact that she always just said “no” or turned him down without stroking his ego. I also liked how she stood up to him during the climax. It showed her strength even more.
  • Belle and Maurice. Such a great father/daughter relationship. He really loves her and would do anything for her, and same for her. She wastes no time in going to him both times. The love they have for each other was evident, I thought Watson and Kline had some great chemistry.
  • Gaston and LeFou
  • The Beast and his servants. Always a humorous relationship. They are his family, no matter how badly he may have treated them. They were afraid of him but they also stood up to him quite a bit, mostly Mrs. Potts and Lumiere. The scene before the dance was a great scene with all of them.
  • Lumiere and Plumette. So cute and romantic. I also loved the interracial aspect of it.
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth. Of course, a great friendship. It’s easy to see that they are polar opposites but Cogsworth respects Lumiere’s carefree attitude and Lumiere appreciates Cogsworth’s loyalty and sarcastic comments. The ending scene when the last petal falls, quite emotional.
  • Mrs. Potts and Chip. I’m glad the whole idea of Mrs. Potts have 50 million children was “addressed” here, lol but they were adorable. Her frantic-ness at the end. This mother loves her son and I don’t think she was too old to have a kid that young. *rolls eyes*
  • Maestro Cadenza and Madame Garderobe. Another interracial that I loved. They were separated due to the curse as she’s a wardrobe and he’s a piano but the end lol. He misses her voice and she misses his music, perfect couple.
The Production Design. The sets on this film are so beautiful. The Beast’s castle is so large, with it’s many twists and turns and the attention to detail with the French inspired architecture. The way it continues to change as the rose continues to wilt is pretty amazing. The layout of his entire land, whenever there was an aerial view of the castle grounds, it was so breathtaking. The town is also nicely done, it looks like a small town, closed in which helps adds why Belle wants to leave it. The forest, the way the snow looked in the forest, and even how it looked at the castle. So beautiful.
The Character Design. I’ll mention this again later, but I liked how the supporting characters looked in their looks. I thought with Lumiere being a little man who can manipulate his appearence to look like a candelabra was smart and unique. It allows him to move quickly and more. Cogsworth was so intricately designed. I understand that some found Mrs. Potts and Chip to be creepy, but seeing them on the screen, I don’t think so. Definitely French designed tea set. I was a little wary about Plumette’s look but I ended up loving it. I liked the fact that she could fly, it made sense with all of her feathers and it made it easier for her to maneuver and do her thing, she was also really beautiful. The wardrobe, seeing her talk was kind of weird but awesome at the same time, her design was great and the piano as well. All of the trinkets in the house were very well designed.
The Music. Alan Menken returned to help with the music once again, especially as the iconic songs were slightly changed in their arrangement and he wrote four new songs for the film. I liked that The Beast had a song, it helped give a bit more insight to him at the moment and it was my favorite song actually. There’s a song that the main people in the castle sing and it was very sweet. It reminded me of “Human Again” but it was a slow and sweet song. Belle also has a song in a particular part of the film, I liked the song. Maurice also has a quick short song. The other songs were also very well done and I think the actors did well in the singing of them. I was impressed.
  • The Musical Numbers. So this film is definitely a musical and for the most part, they are very similar to how they are in the animated film which isn’t a bad thing, but they do put their own updated spin on it. In the “Belle” number, the town is smaller so it feels a bit more suffocating and I don’t think there is a Bookshop, I think that dude was the Priest but just happened to have books that Belle could borrow. I also loved how Gaston and LeFou were outside the town (which makes sense if they were hunting lol). “Be Our Guest” was also well done, it was colorful, it wasn’t as big as it could have been but I thought it was sweet and they did a good job. “Something There” allowed for us to see more interactions with Belle and the Beast and it was cute and had some funny moments. “Gaston” was definitely the most fun and “Beauty and the Beast” was lovely.
The story/Updates. So the story is the same as the animated film, obviously, they take some notes from the original story in which Belle asks Maurice to bring her a rose from his travels. I love this story. It’s not Stockholm Syndrome, especially not even here because she definitely could have escaped, was going too and she even leaves.
  • The updates (without spoiling): I’m just gonna name a few, I think a lot of the updates helped answer questions the original left a question.
    • The fact that Maurice was a music box crafter.
    • Belle made her own washing machine and wanted to teach girls how to read.
    • Maurice’s reactions to the castle.
    • Some extra details in the opening scene, about why the town doesn’t seem to know about the castle and prince.
    • A few more conversations between Belle and the Beast in understanding each other
    • How Belle got the Beast back to the castle after the wolf attack
    • A conversation between Gaston and Maurice
    • LeFou’s character
The Transformation Scene. I was worried on how they were going to do this scene and I thought it was handled well. It’s ultimately the same, but how it gets started is a bit different and I don’t mean with Belle’s confession. There’s a nice musical beat and BOOM. It was even better the second time around. Of course the close up shot of his eyes is always important. Funny thing: When I saw it the first time, and Dan Stevens did his dramatic turn around, my friend and little sister said “Ooooo” and “OH he’s hot. Oh yes” lol. When I saw it the second time, and he turned around my two friends said “Gaston is way cuter” and I just cracked up. I find Dan Stevens to be very handsome and I love his eyes and I think Luke Evans is also very handsome, two very different looking men.
The Beast’s Animation. Overall, I liked his look but there were a few times in the film where it looked weird. Sometimes when there was a wide shot where he see his full body, it was strange. Also, in his solo song, he’s like bounding around, it looked kind of weird at times. Also, it would have been nice if he was a bit bigger, in terms of width, like his chest could have been a bit bigger. Sometimes, his height seemed to change, it might have been the camera angles but at times he looked maybe a foot or two taller than Belle and other times he look huge! It was inconsistent.
The Opening Scene. So, I appreciate the opening in that we get to actually see the Prince be a jerk, but it was also a little weird. I think it was the narration that wasn’t doing it for me. I think it would have been better to just see it without the narration attached.
The Paris Scene. So there’s a scene in the film, it’s about the halfway mark that I could have done without. It was cute and sweet and I liked Belle’s song but I also don’t think it was necessary. It seemed to be a deleted scene that was left in the film.
Overall, I loved this movie. It was easy for me to separate this from the animated film. I think the animated film is the best Disney movie to date and I was excited to hear about what they were planning to do. I was excited and I think my expectations were met, it didn’t exceed them but met them. I expected a good film, with a new spin on the original and I think I got that. If you love the original and think it should never be touched then you might not like this and should not see it. If you refuse to have an open mind, then don’t bother. If you love the original but are curious to see what they do, then check it out. The original will never go away, it will always be superior and it will always be there.
Beauty and the Beast did a lot of things right, the casting was well done, everyone was great in their roles, their respective looks and songs were good and I enjoyed watching and listening. I think Emma Watson and Dan Stevens had great chemistry and I think Ewan McGregor and Luke Evans were standouts in their roles. The music holds up, even with slightly new arrangements it’s still beautiful and I enjoyed the new songs. I loved the look of the film, the costumes, the production design, the attention to detail given to everything is so evident to me that I think this film will be a contender in some technical awards Oscar season. It does have it’s missteps, I think the animation of the Beast goes in and out on looking real at times, the opening narration just didn’t do it for me, I wish it was just the scene, the extra plot scene could have been put on the deleted scenes floor.
With that said… I still loved this movie.
 Rating: 4. 27 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? Have you seen the original? If not, what’s wrong with you? What did you think of the remake? Comment below in the comments and let me know!
My Disney Live Action Remake List from Best to Least Best:
  1. Jungle Book
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Cinderella
  4. Maleficent
I don’t count Pete’s Dragon as I never saw the original.
**I almost forgot about this, but in reference to my asterisks above, I wanted to mention about the Prince’s age in the animated film. I never thought that he was a child, I always assumed that time stopped. I mean, thinking about it now, it’s odd because that would mean did the town age? Or…? But the stained glass windows in the opening of the film didn’t look like a child whereas I guess in the Enchanted Christmas, he was a kid. I don’t know… it’s always weird to me. So I’m glad they made sure we knew he was an adult in this film.